Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello again!

Princess here. Just an update on my exercise adventures.

I have been training for a 10K recently. I've never done one before! I am super excited and will be participating in my first race on St. Patrick's Day in Manahawkin, New Jersey. It's called Shamrocks for Sandy and the proceeds go to victims from the hurricane! Stop by if you can! I do a full run through of a 10K- 6.2 miles, or more if I am motivated at least once a week, and do shorter runs on the other days.  Yesterday I beat my best time, by a lot! It's such an amazing feeling when that happens, and I feel so motivated to keep going.

So today during my workout something else incredible happened.  Since I am in college, most of my workouts are at our rec center, and it is always crowded, especially on Saturdays because it doesn't open until 10! I wake up early and actually just wait for the gym to be open because I'm bored.  So today, I trudged through the foot of snow courtesy of the storm, Nemo, and saw a beautiful sight.  The rec center was empty.  And I really mean empty.  Upon my arrival, there were a total of two other people in the whole gym, and they were in the weight room.  This was a beautiful sight.  I had the whole cardio room to myself.  I could use any cardio machine I wanted to.  I was a little adventurous and used the Arc Trainer and the treadmill.  The arc trainer is one of my favorite pieces of cardio equipment.  If you have never  used one, try it! You'll get a great workout, and most of them have little built in fans! I was skeptical at first, because they are rather new to me, but I really enjoy them.  I also ran at an incline today, instead of my usual flat run.  It feels so different on your legs! I love when I get a chance to switch things up!

Don't forget to wear your tiara,
~That Running Princess

Thursday, February 7, 2013

So this is all new to me.  Sorry if I mess up a bit!

Just your average princess here, trying to get through college.  Or maybe I'm not so average. But I am totally a princess. That's rule number one.

I created this blog just to share some things about me. All the cute blogs I find things on on Pinterest have inspired me, I suppose. So, this is me:

If you watch me for a day, then it's pretty easy to figure out that I really, really, really love eating. I eat when I'm hungry. I eat when I'm bored. I eat pretty much all day. I absolutely love baking and cooking.  Then, of course, I love eating what I make.

So you can see where there would be a problem, right? Eating all day is not a very healthy thing to do! So my mom got me interested in the gym, where I found something I like to do almost as much as eating. Running!

I used to hate running, but I've discovered that running, and exercise in general, is a thing that I hated when I was bad at it, and out of shape. And then something changes.  The first time you run a little further than you ever had before is such an amazing feeling, that you just want to keep going!

So here I am now. I want to share my recipes, my fitness motivation, and my journey to being a princess with a six pack someday!

Bye, peasants!
~That Running Princess